100+ Rude Valentines Day Poems, Wishes, Status: Anti Valentine Quotes 2020

14 February is said to be a day for lovers. Rude Valentine’s Day Poems 2020 or Anti Valentine Poems. You can easily a lot of lovebirds hanging out in the market or malls. While some people enjoy this day happily on the other side there are also some people who hate this day. Well, no one can deliberately hate this day of love. It’s just because of there bad experiences in life.

Many people broke up with their partners recently. And those people feel very frustrated while watching the lovebirds in the market. To be honest I am spreading any hatred through this post. Everyone has the right to speak voice for himself/herself. Well for those people I am writing this post in two different rude valentines day poems to release their frustration.

Valentine’s Day is also a good day for gift sellers. Many e-commerce websites also claimed that they made some good extra bucks on valentine’s day. If you feel that its all waste of money. Then you either had a break up recently or you still don’t find your true love till now. To release your frustration you can celebrate Anti Valentine’s Day Quotes and Sayings with your friends and party like a boss with them. This will release a lot of frustration.

Rude Valentines Day Poems

Anti Valentine Poems or Songs

No party is complete without songs. So you can play anti valentine’s songs in your party loudly. Just dance on that songs and forget all your problems. Today we are posting Anti Valentine’s Day song also let me present some of the rude valentines day poems that you can send it to your ex.

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Lyrics of Anti Valentine’s Day Song

I went up to Memphis
And I met Delia there Found her in her parlor
And I tied to her chair
Delia’s gone, one more round Delia’s gone
She was low down and trifling
And she was cold and mean
Kind of evil make me want to Grab my sub machine
Delia’s gone, one more round Delia’s gone
First time I shot her I shot her in the side
Hard to watch her suffer
But with the second shot she died
Delia’s gone, one more round Delia’s gone
Rude Valentine’s Day Poems: Anti Valentine Poems
Poems are the best way to describe your emotions in front of someone. I will strongly suggest you to write a cool anti valentine’s day poem and send it to your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. Believe me you will feel much better.

Everyone cannot write good poems. So to make this task a bit easy I am sharing some poems with you. Just purchase a simple card, write down these poems into it, and send it to your ex.

Top 50+ Anti-Valentines Day Adult Wishes, Messages, Jokes:

  • Sweet Comic Valentine U Make Me Smile With My Heart.
  • U’re Looks Are Laughable, Un-photographable.
  • Yet U’re My Favorite Work Of Art Is Ur Figure Less than Greek.
  • Is Ur Mouth A Little Weak Wen U Open It 2 Speak.
  • Don’t Change A Hair 4 Me Not If U Care 4 Me.
  • Stay Little Valentine Stay Each Day Is Valentine’s Day.

Other Anti-Valentines Day Poems:

  • The little word that describes how I managed to break No it is not loved either is it hate. We were lost in each other and this was written in our fate. I had lost my will, while you sliced my heart with a  stake
  • When two pairs of eyes met, and then you were gone away With every single line, my journey turned gray I have lost my ability and have no reason left to pray I’m waiting for the winter to come in this hot May
  • Someone told me not too long ago There is only a little time left for us to grow And  even though you left me and I feel so low But baby you went away, while you begged ‘don’t let go.’
  • When baby you’ve made up your decision to leave me for him Make sure that you don’t regret your inner feeling I have lost the trust and the ability to believe I’m facing sleepless nights though I turn my lights to dim
  • Next time when you are hurt, don’t come running back to me I made a mistake once, I’m not a fool of the fourth degree There’s a reason why I let you, my love, free So that when he leaves you, Baby you will see
  • The pain in my heart, is inevitable I’m being punished to love you, so unconditional But baby don’t you know, I’m a traditional I’ll make your life a hell, you know that I’m capable
  • Next time, pray to your God, that he keeps me away from you Cause if you come in my sight, I might just kill or sue I am impatient, I’m aggressive like a few You should’ve been more careful, you shouldn’t have been so rude
  • You have seen nothing, I am like a thunderstorm The partial cruelty with a hideous looking horn You left me for him, I can feel my heart torn And now I’m done following the stupid social norm
  • My hatred for you is largely acceptable Although you’ve moved on, for me your irreplaceable I’m not going to wish you luck, even when I’m stable Baby you were wrong, I am uncontrollable.
  • I don’t want to get my hands dirty I will just wait for you patiently Your death will be the day when you come hesitantly And beg me to accept your shameful apology
  • My feeling that’s responsible for my state of balance Which keeps me in this place, awake in a deep trance I know that you’d be curious, to give my feeling a glance That love or that hate which kept me going on, was my ambivalence.
You can even send a poem card below containing the entire ambivalence rude valentines day poem to someone you hate.
I hope after sending rude valentines day poems to your ex you will feel much better. Remember life does not stop for anyone. You will find a much better love in your life. So forget all your past time and party hard this Valentine’s Day 2020. If you have any unique, rude valentines or anti-valentines day poems then you send them to us. We will publish it for sure.
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